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Simply, Sincerely, Suncera

Suncera Johnson is a master of reinvention and the designer of her destiny. Her personal power comes from surmounting an upbringing fraught with obstacles. With her intelligence, resilience and unshakeable faith, Suncera hurdled them all. She cites her spiritual practice as the catalyst that propelled her, giving her the strength to break the cycles of negativity that defined her childhood.

Being published in the school paper as a first grader gave her a sense of confidence that she cultivated into boldness and networking savvy and fueled her success in many areas.

She would first turn to scholarship and writing to find clarity where her home life offered none. "I was a straight A student. Reading was my best friend. I found freedom in writing and reading."

Suncera and writing were inseparable, however, and she worked on screenplays while she hustled, raising her two children on her own.

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Media Producer

By the time New Jack Swing and hip-hop were cresting in the late ‘80s, Suncera was squarely in the mix in New York City’s music scene, both as a producer of seminars and an independent record promoter.

Years later, she attended a life-changing screenwriting conference, where her work garnered interest from multiple producers. It was there she realized she was a natural at pitching; her years of getting club DJs to play records and developing artists had served her well.

A temp assistant gig at Spike TV led her to MTV.  After working as a "Preditor"(Producer/Editor) of ancillary content for original programs across MTV Networks including T.I.’s Road to RedemptionThe HillsMan & Wife with Shonda and Scoop, The Sex Revolution, Noah’s Arc50 Cent’s The Money and the Power, Suncera went on to work on shows such as The Celebrity Apprentice, The Voice, X-Factor, Styled by June, Shark Tank and the NAACP Image Award Nominated Documentary Light Girls.

Suncera Johnson

Digital Strategist

Suncera would go on to bring the same determination and efficiency she gave TV production to the digital arena.  As part of the founding team of a YouTube MCN (Multi Channel Network) she played an integral part in launching and growing audiences on channels such as LIVES with Meredith Vieira. Her expertise grew  JAY Z's Life+Times from zero views and subscribers to more than 3 million subscribers and over 3 billion views– monetizable on both sides.

She then went on to found her strategic firm, amass digital which in three years, hit the million-dollar mark-- without advertising, serving only Fortune 500 clients. Her skills have been counted on by companies like  iHeart Media, CBS Digital and Townsquare Media to deliver campaigns for brands  such as  McDonald’s, Delta Airlines, Heineken, and BMW.  As a consultant, she conducts workshops on "How To Be Well Liked", demonstrating her audience development acumen.

Suncera Johnson

Best Selling Author

Surviving an upbringing that was poisoned by alcoholism, addiction and religiosity while rebounding from young single motherhood marred by poverty and hopelessness are a testament to Suncera’s will to win against the odds, and the strength of her relationship with God. Suncera worked as hard as she prayed. Reflecting on her spiritual and career journey through her Twitter feed is how she became an Amazon bestselling author. "Dear God: Passionate Prayers in 140 Characters or Less started from actual tweets that were for myself, until I didn’t post one. My notifications exploded looking for prayers. Then, Tyrese sent  a tweet to have his people follow me, and I kept being asked to write a book.” That book led to two more, Breaking into Television: An Insider’s Guide and Getting to First Base: The Art of the Pitch and served as the impetus for her latest series:  Talks With God. “

Suncera brings her platinum tips for success to audiences worldwide as a motivational speaker and podcast host. She is a member of The Producer’s Guild and the National Association of Television Program Executives, as well as a proud supporter of CARMA, a non-profit founded by vocalist Melky Jean. CARMA’s mission is to improve the lives of low-income women and children in the US and the Caribbean.